Trade Unions across Six Countries disrupt Arms Trade with Israel

November 11, 2023
Days of Action Roundup

Trade Unions across Six Countries disrupt Arms Trade with Israel 

On November 9 and 10, weapons factories and shipments were disrupted across 6 countries as part of an international days of action against arms exports to Israel initiated by Palestinian trade unions. 

Blockades led by trade union members at factories and ports across eighteen sites in Canada, the USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Australia highlighted the urgent need to stop the flow of arms that perpetuate Israel’s war crimes. 

The days of action initiated by the Workers in Palestine coalition of trade union comes as international pressure mounts over Israel’s war crimes, use of illegal weapons and violations of the Genocide Convention. 


  • Actions also targeted ZIM shipping offices in Vancouver, and Boeing in Winnipeg. 






In response to the Days of Action, Kayed Awad, secretary-general of the Palestinian Transport Workers Union stated: “We salute dockworkers in Barcelona, Genoa, and transport workers in Belgium for their refusal to transport and handle weapons used to commit war crimes in Gaza, and call on all unions who stand for freedom and justice to do the same. Unions have the power to influence and disrupt the arms trade and ongoing war crimes in Gaza. Long live the working class”. 

“Palestinian workers have been on the front lines in Gaza, saving lives and rescuing communities amidst relentless bombardment and ongoing Israeli war crimes. As we continue to carry out our duties, we extend our heartfelt salute to those who are taking action and working tirelessly to halt the arms trade with Israel.” said Samira A.A. Hasanain, member of the General Union of Public Service Workers and Trade - Gaza (GUPSWT) and board member of the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW). 

"Palestinian unions thank all those participating in the November 9-10 days of action to end the arms trade with Israel. Every group blocking an arms factory or picketing an arms shipment – are taking a vital step to save lives.” said Nadia Habash, Chairwoman of the Engineering Association in Palestine

“We do this not just as an act of solidarity with Palestinian people here at home and abroad, but to stand against settler-colonialism more broadly and act in solidarity with indigenous people across Turtle Island.” Said a picketer at L3Harris Waterdown, Canada. 

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